Dil Mein Hai Dilli
A City Experience Festival

4th May to 1st June, 2024 | 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM IST

Visual Arts : History Walks : Food : Poetry : Music : Literature : Experiences

Utsav, The Square, Aerocity, New Delhi, 110037

Delhi:, A Symphony of Cricket, Cuisine, Culture, and Heritage

Nestled along the banks of the Yamuna River, Delhi stands as a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and modernity. From the thunderous applause at its cricket grounds to the tantalizing aroma wafting from its kitchens, every corner of this bustling metropolis echoes tales of celebration. Let's explore why Delhi merits celebration, showcasing its passion for cricket, culinary richness, cultural diversity, and majestic heritage.
Delhi, with its timeless allure, has captivated hearts since antiquity. From the mythical realm of the Pandavas' Indraprastha to the poetic sanctuary of Ghalib's Jaan, and now as the capital of Bharat, Delhi embodies resilience and embraces the essence of its people. A melting pot of India's rich heritage, celebrating Delhi is not just honoring its past but reveling in its multifaceted essence—its art, traditions, poetry, and culture.
In our endeavor to embrace our city with open arms, we embark on a month-long festival, "Dil Mein Hai Dilli," crafted to reignite the love affair between Dilliwalas and their beloved Dilli.At the heart of this grand celebration lies GMR Aerocity, a pulsating hub that epitomizes Delhi's spirit. GMR Aerocity emerges as the perfect haven for Delhiites, offering unparalleled connectivity, luxurious amenities, an array of shopping and dining options, vibrant entertainment, safety, security, lush green spaces, and a promising canvas for future development.
It's here that the new heartbeat of Delhi thrives, beckoning residents to rediscover the essence of their city.In the grand mosaic of Delhi's narrative, GMR Aerocity serves as a vibrant brushstroke, enriching the city's canvas with vitality and vigor. As Delhiites, let's embrace the symphony of our city, celebrating its past, present, and the promise of a glorious future, with GMR Aerocity as our beating heart.



Event Name



4th May (Saturday) 5:00 PM
Participants Meetup
4th May (Saturday) 06:30 PM
Dilli Ka Bhangra
5th May (Sunday) 06:00 PM
Dil-O-Dilli - A tribute to Delhi Poets. A recital by Rashmi Agarwal
11th May (Saturday) 04:00 PM
Epresssive Calligraphy Workshop with Stuti
11th May (Saturday) 06:30 PM
Delhi Belly and Bollywood with Atul Tiwari
12th May (Sunday) 04:00 PM
Mobile Photography Workshop with Romeo
14th May (Tuesday) 04:00 PM
Portrait Making with Minisha
17th May (Friday) 06:30 PM
Dilli Ki Barat Ka Band
18th May (Saturday) 06:30 PM
Purane Dilliwale by Swapna Liddle
24th May (Friday) 04:00 PM
Dilli Ke Kone with Shriti Tyagi
25th May (Saturday) 04:30 PM
Dilli Ki Dastan with Manisha and Adrija
25th May (Saturday) 06:30 PM
Dilli Ka Kavi Sammelan
29th May (Wednesday) 04:30 PM
Food Photography Workshop by IIP
29th May (Wednesday) 04:30 PM
Food Photography Workshop by IIP
1st June (Saturday) 06:30 PM
Dilli Ke Gane- A performance
Note: The schedule is subject to change without any prior notice. If you have registered, we shall keep you updated. Please use the links or scan the QR codes to know more about the details of events


Utsav, The Square

GMR Aerocity, New Delhi, India - 110037

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Misha Arts
IIP Academy
The BLOT Studio

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